Backyard Remodeling

Backyard Remodeling in Dubai

Step into the realm of enchanting outdoor spaces with Prime Crew’s Backyard Remodeling service in Dubai. Our expertise merges natural beauty with thoughtful design, offering a transformation that exceeds your outdoor dreams. From lush gardens to stylish hardscapes, we redefine your backyard into a captivating haven. With a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality, we turn your outdoor space into a personal retreat, ensuring every moment is a breath of fresh air. Rediscover the potential of your backyard with Prime Crew’s expert touch.
Mechanical works 3
Mechanical works
Unleash the magic in your backyard with Prime Crew’s Mechanical Works service. From creating mesmerizing water features to crafting innovative outdoor structures, our expertise breathes life into every corner. Elevate your outdoor experience with our skilled touch, blending creativity and functionality seamlessly in the heart of your backyard oasis. Discover the allure of transformed spaces with Prime Crew’s Backyard Remodeling in Dubai.
Electrical works 1
Electrical works
Illuminate your outdoor haven with Prime Crew’s Electrical Works service. Our expert touch extends beyond walls, creating captivating lighting solutions that transform your backyard into a radiant retreat. From ambient garden lights to functional electrical setups, we infuse brilliance into every corner. Explore the synergy of design and functionality with Prime Crew’s Backyard Remodeling in Dubai.
Plumbing Works 1
Plumbing works
Energize your backyard paradise with Prime Crew’s Electrical Works service. We bring life to your outdoor space, crafting captivating lighting solutions that turn your dreams into a radiant reality. From ambient garden lights to functional electrical setups, we infuse brilliance into every corner. Explore the synergy of design and functionality with Prime Crew’s Backyard Remodeling in Dubai.
Enjoy low-maintenance landscaping with our artificial grass installations.
Artificial grass installation

Indulge in the luxury of evergreen beauty with Prime Crew’s Artificial Grass Installation service. Experience a lush, maintenance-free lawn that stays vibrant and green all year round. Our skilled team ensures precise installation, creating a natural look and feel. Enjoy the perfect green space without the hassle of mowing or watering. Elevate your backyard with the enduring charm of artificial grass.

Water feature
Water feature

Unveil the enchantment of water with Prime Crew’s Water Feature Installation services for your backyard. Transform your outdoor space into a serene oasis with meticulously designed water features. From cascading fountains to tranquil ponds, we bring the soothing sounds and visual allure of water to elevate your backyard ambiance. Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of nature-inspired water elements.

Outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen
Elevate your outdoor culinary experience with Prime Crew’s Outdoor Kitchen service. Indulge in the pleasure of open-air cooking and entertaining in style. Our expert team designs and builds functional outdoor kitchens tailored to your preferences, blending aesthetics with practicality. Embrace the joy of al fresco dining and make your backyard the ultimate hub for gastronomic delights.
Step into an enchanting haven in your backyard with Prime Crew’s Gazebo service. Elevate your outdoor space with a touch of elegance. Our skilled craftsmen create custom-designed gazebos that seamlessly blend with your surroundings, offering a perfect retreat for relaxation and leisure. Immerse yourself in the charm of a gazebo, where tranquility meets sophistication.
Stell and aluminum works
Stell and aluminum works
Crafting allure in your outdoor oasis, Prime Crew’s Steel and Aluminum Works service seamlessly merges durability with aesthetics. Our skilled artisans meticulously design and install steel and aluminum structures, including parking shades, swimming pool shades, and pergolas. Elevate your backyard with structures that exude sophistication and withstand the test of time.
Irrigation system
Irrigation system
Transform your garden into a thriving paradise with Prime Crew’s Irrigation System service. Our innovative irrigation solutions bring life to your plants, ensuring optimal growth and a lush green landscape. From precise watering schedules to smart irrigation technology, we tailor systems that conserve water and enhance the vibrancy of your backyard oasis.
Elevate your outdoor space with Prime Crew’s Planters service. Infuse style and greenery into your backyard with carefully crafted planters that enhance the aesthetics of your garden. Our expertise lies in creating functional and visually appealing planter designs, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor haven. Immerse yourself in the beauty of customized planters that harmonize with the natural elements of your landscape.

Why We Are UAE’S Premier Backyard Remodeling Service Company

Welcome to Prime Crew’s Backyard Remodeling service, where outdoor dreams come to life. We specialize in transforming your backyard into a captivating space. Whether it’s creating a lush garden, installing beautiful hardscapes, or designing an alfresco paradise, our expertise blends nature and design. With a focus on aesthetics and functionality, we redefine your outdoor haven, ensuring it becomes your personal retreat. Discover the endless possibilities for your backyard with Prime Crew.

Backyard Remodeling

types of Apartment or villa renovation and refurbishment services we offer

types of Apartment or villa renovation and refurbishment services we offer

Backyard Remodeling in UAE

steps to hire Backyard Remodeling in uAE

Hiring Backyard Remodeling in the UAE is a breeze with these simple steps.

reason to hire Backyard Remodeling


Transform your backyard into an oasis efficiently with our expert remodeling service. We bring your outdoor dreams to life, saving you time in the process.


Our outdoor remodeling maximizes space and aesthetics, delivering an inviting haven. We offer cost-effective solutions, ensuring value for your investment.

Stress Reduction

Relax as we create a captivating outdoor space. Our focus on aesthetics and functionality eliminates DIY stress, making your backyard a personal retreat.

Safety Assurance

Prioritize safety with our professionals. We design and build with security in mind, ensuring your outdoor space is safe and enjoyable.

Vetted Professionals

Hire certified experts in backyard remodeling. Our skilled team combines nature and design to redefine your outdoor haven, meeting your vision.

Additional Work

We offer a wide range of services, from hardscape installation to garden design. Trust us for a comprehensive backyard transformation with Prime Crew.

other services we offer

Prime Crew offers a comprehensive range of services to enhance your living experience in the UAE. From home maintenance to improvements, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently asked questions

Backyard Remodeling FAQ
You can find the best Backyard Remodeling in Dubai by booking through Prime Crew where we have professionals with the right experience to perform the job.
Backyard Remodeling frequency in Dubai varies, but consider a refresh every 5-10 years for a vibrant outdoor space.
Backyard Remodeling costs in Dubai depend on the size, features, and materials used for your dream outdoor oasis.
For outdoor lighting, regular maintenance ensures functionality, including fixture checks and bulb replacements.
Payments for our services are easy, with options for online transactions, bank transfers, and in-person arrangements.

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